In the South East of England it is dull, windless and damp! Two things I hate about this time of the year are:-  people burning leaves and leaf blowers!

Firstly burning leaves…..WHY? Leaves make great compost or leaf mould. If you are raking them into a pile to burn it takes just a little bit more effort to put them in a bin bag, make some holes in it and leave it for a year when you will end up with great leaf mould.

Burning leaves at this time of the year just adds to the pollution and the smell lingers in the damp still air. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bonfire as much as anyone else but if you must have one firstly check with you local authority or/and allotment association about any local rules. Secondly make sure your material is dry so will burn quickly and thirdly make sure the wind is blowing smoke away from residential areas.

Leaf Blowers. WHATS THE POINT? Why would you want to blow them away? Yes if you were blowing them into a pile to compost, great, but have you seen what a lot of people do? Blow them into the road! One gust of wind in the wrong direction will blow them all back.  Add to that the noise that comes from one! Unless you have a household one that hardly moves one leaf at a time!

Rant over!

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Open Garden – Exclusive!

What an exclusive for the London Garden Society! Jim Buttress and I had the great privilege of judging Alex and Joe’s two gardens on behalf of Ruxley in Bloom, the front ‘Cottage style’ and the back ‘Tropical style’, were an absolute joy to judge.

They won a Gold for their front and back gardens.

Now it your chance to see their garden in an exclusive opening for The London Gardens Society on Saturday 21st July from 11am to 5 pm. A £4 entrance fee. Coffee/ Tea/ Cakes and Pimms will also be available!

Alex & Joe’s garden can be found at:-

226 Conisborough Crescent, Catford SE6 2SF

Hope we will see you there………




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It’s Renewal Time!

Yes time to renew your membership of the London Gardens Society. £15 for an individual member or £25 for an affiliated organisation. Emails will be sent to you in the next few weeks if you are an existing members.

If you would like to join please contact the Secretary through our Contact page

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